A Core Team

The Interactive Pixel Company is a creative and integrative enterprise, a collective of freelance writers, film and TV producers and directors, web developers, and interactive designers--in other words, people who know how to execute. We use this collection of talents to provide help to those in need of better advertising and multimedia, and especially, to the small business owners and the not-for-profit organizations. 


Some Full-Time Team Members

 Photo Credit:    M     artyn Kyle

Photo Credit: Martyn Kyle

Todd Free, Partner & Creative Director



As an experienced Director of Photography, Free has learned a thing or two about how to convey ideas through the audio-visual medium.

But how he helps our clients most is derived from an attitude that he knows that advertising works, and that through building a strong multimedia foundation, and developing attention and interest, in most cases, people will seek more information, take action, and share it with their friends. There is no equation and every client is unique, and that is what makes it fun and effective.

His cinematography website is located HERE. 

Danielle Petrosky Free, Managing Partner



Danielle Petrosky graduated from the University of Virginia in 2009 with a Bachelors of Science and Nursing. While she occasionally plays nurse here at the Company, her real strength is in account and project management. Her penchant for research and a keen eye for detail compliment every project we take on here at the Company.


Marshall Hanbury, Account Executive & Digital Content Creator


Chris O'Shea, Chief Copywriter

Chris O'Shea is a writer whose work has appeared in Adweek, GQ, Esquire, The Village Voice, Fast Company and more. He believes concise messaging is vital in a world where attention spans can be limited. 

Chris lives in Charlottesville with his wife (also a writer), his son (wild and great) and his dog (could use a bath). He loves sports and hip-hop. If you have a minute, he would like to talk to you about the movie he just saw.

Lauren Walker, Account Executive, Marketing Coordinator


Lauren grew up in Charlottesville, VA and will be graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University in December 2015 where she is majoring in Strategic Advertising. Lauren has been with IPC since May 2015, and has since found her strengths in website creation and social media campaigns. And when Lauren isn't working on promoting iPC and its clients, she's working on her on Instagram campaign, for her dog, Pickles (@mr.picklesthepug),  See this incredible super hero dog here—https://instagram.com/mr.picklesthepug/


Seth Coogan, Digital Media Producer, Account Executive


Seth Coogan graduated from the University of Virginia with a Degree in Physics. While he can lucidly explain subjects like Predictive Analysis using Quantum Mechanics, he prefers to communicate a different message, that of his clients. And his preferred method of communication is video and motion graphics.


Eric Hurt, Director & Director of Photography


Eric Hurt grew up in Charlottesville, VA, but he is no small town boy. In fact he has travelled through every continent, and this world experience is reflected in his graceful attitude and artistic presentations. Hurt is an accomplished Writer, Producer, Director, and Director of Photography. He has penned and directed two feature films, and slews of music videos and TV commercials and is credited in the Camera Department in countless number of films as Operator and Director of Photography. He currently lives in Charlottesville and owns Pillage and Plunder Pictures, a film and TV production company.


Faith Ripa, 2016 Summer Associate, Social Media Designer

Click here to see a website she coded

Click here to see her photography

Faith Ripa is a 3rd year senior at James Madison University studying Media Arts and Design. Faith grew up in the rural county of Greene for most of her life with the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains right in her backyard. She aspires to use her interests of design for new media and incorporate in whatever she does- preferably advertising. When she isn't interning at iPC or working as a waitress, Faith loves to geek over HGTV's Fixer Upper, perfect her hand-lettering/calligraphy, and cuddle with her Corgi-Chihuahua mix, Delta.

Ben Tribble, 2016 Summer Associate, Social Media Designer


Ben has grown up in Charlottesville, VA, and Jackson, MS, and is currently pursuing a degree in Integrated Marketing and Communications at the University of Mississippi. His strengths are photography and graphic design, and he hopes to become well-versed in campaigns and branding by way of digital media experience. Outside of the creative field, Ben enjoys running in Charlottesville as well as hiking in the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains.

Sawyer Free, Office Manager & Behavioral Psychologist

 We think the picture says it all. 

Some Collaborators & Client Partners

Here are some of the companies that share the heavy lifting with us. And sometimes, we do the lifting for them. 

Payne, Ross & Associates

Award-winning Charlottesville Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations Agency.  Find out about them here.

Howard Films

 Jamie Howard founded HowardFilms in 2003 with the mission of "entertaining, informing and connecting with an audience in new and unexpected ways." The venture is the natural outcome of a decade spent in commercial advertising, where Howard learned the requirements (and the limitations) of writing and directing for an audience that he could rarely spend more than 30-seconds with, until now. Find out about them here.

Tom Dolan

Founder, Above it All Aerial Photography and Video

Mr. Dolan is a commercial instrument rated pilot in helicopters, single and multi-engine airplanes with 2,000 hours of flight, a Safety Officer for a local flying club and flying service. He was a pilot for a scheduled helicopter airline around Manhattan New York after graduating from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 1982.

On October 2nd, 2013, Mr. Dolan successfully orchestrated the use of a high technology UAS from Virginia Tech’s Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership (MAAP) in assisting in the close to month long exhaustive search effort, led by Chief Sellers, for a missing University of Virginia student, Hannah Graham. In addition to assisting local law enforcement, Mr. Dolan's company works with agencies and organizations, helping them to acquire dazzling aerial imagery, photography, and video. You can visit his website by clicking HERE.


Mactavish Pictures

Mactavish Pictures was founded by filmmaker, author and U.S. Navy veteran Scott Mactavish.  The company specializes in stories of honor, courage and commitment. Find out about them here.



A creative production film located in Harrisonburg, Virginia, specializing in video production and motion design.  Find out about them here.

Pillage and Plunder Pictures

 A company that focuses on in-house development and production of original content as well as providing production services to feature films, music videos and commercials. Find out about them here.



An internet development company providing websites, domains, commerce, and mobile space for companies not unlike The Interactive Pixel Company. Find out about them here.  

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