When selecting an agency, you have to THINK LOCAL.

Charlottesville, Virginia, and its surrounding communities, are a peculiar and awesome place, to live, to raise a family, to start a business, you name it. And there is no disputing its uniqueness. Just check out the list of its latest Awards and Recognitions. So when it comes to advertising in Charlottesville, what does all of this mean for the small business owner, the non profit organization, and the Charlottesville consumer? Well, simply put, since we who live here in this part of Virginia are a little different, we should expect that our advertising will have to be a little different too.

So, when selecting an agency to design advertising and corresponding deployment strategies, and to produce interactive media and multimedia, there might be more to it than just picking out the company with the prettiest pictures to show off and a seemingly "good" idea to go with them. Sure, these qualities are important and quantitative demographic information is readily available, too, statistical information on gender, age, occupation, income, and consumption, and what a great starting point that information provides when designing campaigns to increase sales for small businesses and create a greater awareness for non profits. But what about the qualitative information, purchasing behavior, awareness, values, and lifestyles. This qualitative information provides a much clearer picture of your target.

And this is precisely why The Interactive Pixel Company recommends STAYING LOCAL. Charlottesville advertising agencies have a much deeper insight into the people who live here--your customers. (Click Here for a MAP of local advertising agencies in Charlottesville.)

For more information, about your target audience in Charlottesville and the surrounding communities, check out our contact page and let us know you are interested in learning more about what we do here at The Interactive Pixel Company. We would be happy to discuss your thoughts and ideas to see how they are syncing up with the community we live in. And visit, to learn more about our initiative to help small business owners and non profits reach their potential.