A Deserved Make-Over

ELITE AIR is arguably one of the best aircraft management companies around. 

They have redefined the best practices for aircraft management and manage a modest but quality fleet of aircraft, and their customers rave about them as a company. However, its website just didn't compare to Elite's most valuable asset, its President and CEO, Gray Gibbs. Nobody can sell Elite like he can, and that was essentially the problem. 

We identified two distinct audiences for Elite: one was comprised of Aircraft Owners or their decision makers, and two was comprised of people who do not own aircraft but use charter aircraft for travel. We built two websites inside of one. The real trick was getting the website to do what its most valuable asset does--and just like him.

We modelled the website "pages" based on a webinar that Gray Gibbs gave regarding aircraft management best practices, and to add value to each of these pages, we edited the webinar audio and designed graphics consistent with the look of the website to ultimately create six overview films.  One can visit the website HERE -- http://www.eliteaironline.com/ -- and view a sample of the films just below.