Sponsored Content Isn't Always Terrible

And the EXIT LOG is proof. 

Exit Log is a film and work of young filmmaker, Chris Cornwell, and his entry into the Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series. Winning films were shown at the Tribeca Film Festival and Exit Log was a winner: well-shot, well-directed, and well-acted. 

The film is also proof that narrative tension makes things move at a higher speed--the 6-minute film will be finished before you know it. 

This superbly produced film is one of five winners, and all of the winners can be viewed HERE -- http://bit.ly/1k8wxiN, so actually, why not take a long break and watch them all. 


The big question is whether these awesome short films make you want to drink Bombay Sapphire. Frankly, we are getting thirsty, but alas, these thirsts won't be quenched by Bombay--Gin makes us run around after parked cars. Yikes!