So You Thought TRAVEL AGENCIES were dead?

Well, guess again.

Flipping through a recent issue of Communication Arts (yes, print not fully dead yet either), we made an interesting internet discovery, which reminded us that often, the times when we are not googling, are the times when we find what we are searching for. In this case, we were looking for a quick internet escape, for an interesting website with some really beautiful film to go with it, and interestingly, in looking for this five-minute vacation from work, we found, yes, a Travel Agency, their website, and their short film. is a travel agency for the curious, the adventurous, and those who wish to break out of their comfort zone. It's a new kind of agency for an exciting type of person, or perhaps, a person who yearns for a little excitement, so, basically, us all. 

There website takes travel a step further, too, so, even if you aren't in the market to trek through Nepal, you can still enjoy a bit of adventure by visiting their site and viewing their video. But we suppose that is what UX Design is all about. The short film is comprised of sweet adventure photography, two moving pieces of music, and the voice of Alan Watts, counterculture celebrity of the '60s, and a pretty interesting dude.

And if you like this multimedia, you can thank Digital Telepathy. "We saw an opportunity to create something special by connecting the unique features of their tour packages with personal stories from the people who had been to those destinations. Whether those stories came from a celebrity like Anthony Bourdain or local tour guides, needed a human connection to differentiate itself from the competition.We deemed these inspiring tales, 'Epic Adventures'.” You can read more about the making of this unique user experience website HERE – – in their own, interestingly written case study. Excellent work DT. Keep it coming!