Another case of – So Bad that it's Good

This Time, in a spec spot created by Jingle Punks

If you want to know one of the many ways we at the iPC measure the effectiveness of a TV ad it is this—did it make us want the product or service to the extent that we will actually remember what the heck it was. And by that standard, the following promotional spot wins big, and in otherwords, is surprisingly MAKING US HUNGRY.

Another interesting thing about this short film, is that it was created on spec, and apparently, these bad to the bone dudes at Jingle Punks do this quite often. They make ads for companies they like, and, for free.

Anyway, in this spot, we think they created an Olive Garden which looks like a yummy, and fun, place to go to eat. We love good food and to be honest have been tempted to condemn these massive chain places like TGIF, Applebees, the like. Thanks to these OG dudes at Jingle Punks, we might actually give the Olive Garden a try on our next road trip ,or, perhaps, after the next Snoop Dog concert. Word, Jingle Punks. OG is Down By Law.