Pretty Sick

We would like to see more NPOs try out this kind of film making

They're Heroes; Gladiators; they're Conquerors; Knights; and Warriors. They're also pretty sick, as in, physically afflicted. They're the kids in this advertisement for the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada, and they have been brilliantly brought to life BOLDLY by a second set of heroes at Cossette, a Canadian Agency, and the production companies which created these gripping motion pictures.

It grips with a combination of juxtaposed scenes, fantasy versus reality, pointing up these heroic fighters as they defeat their enemies, their challenges: cancer, kidney failure, autism, infant mortality, worry and time. The film ends with a URL, which is also serves as a call to action–

The website then works to call its viewers to join in the fight, categorizing our donation, our money, into a more systemic category: to fight against boundaries, to fight against missing childhoods, and to fight against the unknown. Their fundraising goal is perhaps even more bold than the film presentation, asking for 100 new monthly donors per day.

Something tells us, they are going to exceed their goal.