Fascinated by the Mundane

Andrew Shurtleff's Vlog could be a new passion

Academically speaking, there are three theoretical building blocks that create a foundation of any great documentary work. A documentary must have

  1. interesting characters,
  2. narrative tension (think, is it a matter of life and death),
  3. and an integrated point of view (theme, opinion).

And Andrew Shurtleff's new video blog has at least one of these. Interesting character, and it is Shurtleff himself.

Shurtleff, who is one of Charlottesville's top picture makers and moonlights as a photographer for the Charlottesville Daily Progress, presents yet another creative talent, the ability to make a 7-minute movie, which is long by internet standards, that stimulates, fascinates, and enraptures—meanwhile, absolutely nothing happens. We can hear Professor Free down our iPC hallway screaming, "NO NARRATIVE TENSION! ROAR." The fact remains that Episode Six is pure genius.

These days we can watch celebrities on FacebookLIVE as they shop on Rodeo, or thought leaders blast out words of enlightenment, or daredevils in their wing suits jump off the top of Mount Blanc, flying at what seems like light speed, awaiting what we may imagine is their inevitable death. Shurtleff's vlog is more like a snail marathon, but it is utterly cool, and we plan to watch the episodes we missed as well as those to come, because he is just our type of goofy, funny guy.