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An exemplary combination of digital multimedia used to bring attention to a company's products


If advertising is meant to tell the story behind your brand, then Mammut, an outdoor apparel and equipment company based in Switzerland, nailed it with their Project360 website. This website, which is meant to document the climbing routes for the world's most challenging ascents, uses stellar interactivity as well as 360 degree photos and video to put us right in the middle of it all, whether it is Mont Blanc, Elbrus, El Capitan, and yes, the World's tallest mountain, Everest. The creators of this user experience don't over-push the products either; the climbing jackets, boots, hats, ropes just appear in the frames, because that's what you have to wear and use in order to reach on foot the altitude that jet aircrafts fly at.

We were particularly interested in seeing the route to Everest. The interactive map was super cool and the footage was pretty intense, and though the brief 360 clips left us wanting more, we understand that most people have only brief moments here and there to spend on the website, so we forgive these creators for the time being.

Everest Doc

For those of you who have a little bit more time, we recommend you watch the making of documentary, which is also solid. The short film takes you from an airport in nepal all the way up to the top.




If the idea is to attract the attention of people who will be interested in purchasing your products or services, Mammut has achieved just that, with a fascinating website, which places their product in the midst of it all, 

In the most accessible place, the internet, showcasing the most inaccessible place on Earth, the top of Mt. Everest.

Check out Mammut's products here. And check out their Project360 here.

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