If I Were a Rich Man...

New E-trade Campaiagn is a Hilarious Sight for the Senses


Could it really be possible? That one semi-smart, beat down individual could ditch his day job for expensive debt-generating pursuits — water skiing behind helicopters, jousting on hoverboards, organizing flapper food fights in the great dining room — well, maybe, but only with the help of Etrade, we gather.

While the appeal of one-upping your boss is relatable, we always found online trading to be a slightly more acceptable form of online gambling, especially when the susceptible and uninformed take to endeavoring to accomplish what trained, and licensed, SEC professionals do everyday. Guess what? Most of those guys don't have a pool, think, contractor-grade, jacuzzi tub, from home depot.

But don't let our cynicism prevent you from enjoying this vivid and entertaining TV commercial. It is well conceived, giggle generating content, and we can definitely appreciate it. And, if we must be honest, it did get us thinking, what if. What if we just try it out? What if blind luck strikes again? What if the executive jet with the two Chihuahuas on the vertical stabilizer was ours? Yahtzee. If we were rich men.

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