The Kinsale Sharks :: An Awesome Visual Discovery

Another Interesting find from The Interactive Pixel Company :: Original Blog HERE

Here are two quick links to some pretty awesome Animations, both Shark winners from this year's Kinsale Festival  The first, titled "Honda Hands," from Weiden + Kennedy, London and Nexus and Analog, is not merely an animation marvel but perfect from the writing through all levels of execution (except perhaps the smoke from tires peeling out). And we particularly liked the sound design. You can see the two-minute short film HERE -- Honda Handsor on the Kinsale Website HERE.

Number two is the Bronze winner from BBDO New York and Smuggler and Caviar Content. Using video and interactive applications that go across platforms and get an audience involved in a brand inspires us. Hopefully, what these guys did inspires you as well. And it doesn't hurt that there were animals involved in the making of this Digital Campaign. The two and half minute film is located HERE -- Pets Talking, or on the Kinsale Website HERE.