Case Study: Camp Holiday Trails

How iPC used Video to help an NPO to Grow

Our multimedia production work for Camp Holiday Trails was conducted in three phases over a two-year period. Their Communications Director had approached iPC because they wanted to utilize video in their communications efforts. iPC researched Camp Holiday Trails and through dialogues identified three primary areas which could benefit from the use of video:

  • Fundraising & Donor Relations
  • Counselor Staffing and Medical Staffing
  • Campers and Parents of Campers

Interestingly, these groups presented different characteristics as a target audience and therefore would require different video approaches. As we were nearing the year's end, our  plan was sensible: to begin with an End-of-year Appeal video for donors which would earmark, among other things, budget dollars to produce the additional films.



PHASE ONE | End-of-Year Appeal Video

iPC researched trending effective ways to use video for nonprofits and discovered evidence that using video for an end-of-the-year, fundraising appeal had been successful for many NPOs (Stanford Social Innovation Review). During our research phase, we also learned that a common mistake was to set an end-of-year fundraising financial goal that was too low.

Our challenge also involved timing. Because summer was over, we would be unable to produce multimedia content of the camp activities for the film. We designed  and wrote a script for an End-of-Year Appeal Video which was much like a letter, recited to the viewer/donor, and utilized existing photography, and new, iPC-created graphics. Based on our research, we determined three objectives to include in the film.

  • Impact. What Camp Holiday Trails has accomplished through previous donations and fundraising efforts, not just emotionally but statisically—the numbers of people impacted..
  • Funding Use. What new donations will help to accomplish.
  • Funding Amount. We suggested to Camp Holiday Trails that they double the amount which they had initially planned to ask for.

Here is how this budget friendly appeal film turned out.

CHT End of the Year Video Correspondence


Phase Two | Overview AND RECRUITMENT Films

In the second Phase, we presented to Camp Holiday Trails, two additional videos. Again, since we had not yet filmed their Camp activities, we relied on still photographs which we brought to life with Graphics. One film was an overview film, designed to inform what Camp Holiday Trails actually is. The other film was an example of how Camp Holiday Trails could use media to help in another needed area—Counselor Recruitment. Here are those films.

Overview Film



Counselor Recruitment Film


Phase Three | Additional Recruitment and Scripted Films

Camp Holiday Trails reported a great impact from using video to aid in their recruitment of counselors so they requested additional counselor films as well as new films to assist them in their recruitment of medical professionals. In addition, Camp Holiday Trails wanted some films to appeal to their most import target audience, the parents of potential campers. A sample of the medical professional recruitment video is below as well as a "scripted" film to coincide with their "CAMP MAGIC" campaign. Lastly, one of three Parent videos are included below as well.

Camp Magic



Parent Film



Medical Staff Recruitment


The Results | Campers & Donors & counselors & medstaff


In 2015, Camp was at full capacity for all of its sessions. In addition, we found that the Parent and CAMP MAGIC films were effective in raising awareness and creating action among donors.

Medical Staff

The Camp Director reported that the films were helpful in painting a picture for med staff. CHT uses these films in their med staff recruitment emails as well as during their med staff orientation. Their med staff postitions were more easily filled through the use of video.


In 2015, the Camp's four counselor recruitment films were circulated and shared on social media. They were effective in the recruitment of new counselors and especially of new male counselors which were greatly needed.

Donor Relations | Fundraising

While the use of video in donor relations and fundraising is more difficult to measure, in the case of the End of the Year Appeal video, CHT received more funds than they requested. The Camp director reports that the videos are helpful to illustrate their activities, to differentiate their camp from "regular" summer camps, and to visually communicate the Camp's mission.

As for the iPC, there are two important things we can say about the use of video; we love making films and we love helping companies and organizations through marketing and advertising. We believe effectively used video will help growing organizations to reach their goals and this belief continues to fuel our collective success.

Thank you for reading and watching.