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Am I Dreaming?

The sun peeps through your crooked blinds and wakes you up from your deep slumber. You're ready to start the day, but not ready to get out of your comfy bed because you're dreaming, a good dream. Thick slices of bacon whizz pass your head as you float on a fluffy, buttermilk pancake. A mimosa gently eases its way into the grip of your hand as you are drifted towards a tall door with a biscuit as the knob. After floating through the door, you are led to an outdoor space filled with the buzz of cheerful people.  

To your surprise, you see three of your best friends perusing what seems to be a pop up market in the front parking lot of the space. Now are you still dreaming? Handmade jewelry, candles, paintings, clothing, household decorations; your head spins at the wonder in front of you. Actually, it's not a dream at all. Mini Makers Market has teamed with Firefly Restaurant for their weekly Sunday pop up on July 17th. There will be 20 local vendors and a plethora of unique and funky treasures to choose from (along with eggs and bacon waiting inside).

This upcoming Sunday will be a day where you can celebrate local food and local vendors. I guess dreams really do come true. See you there.

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