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Baristas prove their worth at the Mudhouse

Oil on canvas, tempera on wood, acrylic on canvas, ink on silk, graphite on paper, the list goes on and on, and, well, we have one more to add with it: foam on espresso. What?!

Thursday, July 7th at 7:30pm, Mudhouse in the downtown mall is holding their “Thursday Night Throwdown” Latte Art competition. Regional Baristas will come together and show off their latte-art skills for free. If you’re feeling up to it, you can purchase raffle tickets and win prizes from local businesses.

This is a great event for coffee-lovers and art enthusiasts to join together and experience a competition that is deliciously unique. Latte-art competitions are no joke; with time limits, rules, and cheering crowds, the atmosphere is vibrant, exciting, and intense. Competitions like this are held world-wide, so to have the opportunity to experience it in Mudhouse is hard to pass up.

Charlottesville born-and-raised Sarah is married to a skilled barista. She gives us some insight on what one of these events may be like, since she has had the opportunity to experience one similar to what Mudhouse will host. While the experience is entirely what you make of it, she makes it sound like a pretty darn, good time. 

It's super fun, it's more of just a chance for coffee people all over town (more specifically cafes & baristas) to have a chance to connect & have a place where likeminded people can do what they're passionate about. It also creates a fun environment for baristas to feel like they're one unit across the town, not competing for which cafe is best. It may seem that way but I've never felt a sense of competition between cafes, it's usually just a fun night! - Sarah L.

Latte Art may not be a household name yet, but we are planning on grinding the beans, steaming the milk, and giving the art a try, at home.


While this is a large-scale latte art competition, it displays the amount of care and artistic ability latte art requires. 

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