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A Night with Stars

Not Hollywood, the Celestial Kind at UVA’s Observatory


“Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are” is rattling around my head today, and it should be. I have a Toddler and she loves to look up at sky at night, the stars, and especially, her treasured “moonie.” To a child, the heavens are backdrop to a scene of enchantment and mystery, think, unicorns that sparkle as they jump from planets which smile back at them, planets that wink and nod. And if this mystery is lost on children as they get older and unicorns get replaced by real science, there interest in the night’s sky doesn’t fade..

On Friday, December 29th, from 7:30 to 9:00 PM, the Leander McCormick Observatory will host a pretty cool event for parents and their children grades 4 to 12 and show off some of the sweet tools they have to study the night’s sky. Activities include a laser tour of the stars and opportunities to use one of their many telescopes, including their 26” Clark refracting telescope. At iPC we’ve been told that the winter nights are most suitable for stargazing, and with the help of UVA, our children can stare deeper into space than we ever thought possible, and we parents can stare back at them with the same wonder.

And as for the stars, we know that there’s no celebrity bigger than our own children.

The event is free but due to space, the observatory asked that each guest register, and you can do so by emailing Steve Layman at

Happy viewing.