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Be Mindful, Be Creative, Be Innovative

Blending Innovation and Yoga for Change


Of all the words thrown around the IPC office, the one that gets the most mileage these days is disruption. We want to be disruptive in the work we produce and we talk all the time about how disruption should be our main focus when working on a new project. The problem is that discovering the level of creativity to be truly disruptive cannot be helped by technology. That type of thing is best answered by checking out a closer source: yourself.

Beginning in January of 2018, Jessica Glendenning, will present The Yoga of Innovation, a 5 session workshop designed to reimagine the entire perception of innovation and lead its participants to embrace the unknown and explore how creativity and innovation are connected. Blending neuroscience and yoga, the 5 session program will introduce a variety of concepts ranging from understanding the mind-body-business connection to cultivating patience to learning the the science behind our gut feelings.

The Information Age has given us access to what seems to be an infinite amount of resources to approach business and innovation. At any moment of the day, we can reach into our pocket for a tip or a blog on. The Yoga of Innovation suggests, however, that all the tools you need for successful innovation are found deep inside yourself.

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