In Bound Marketing and How it can help your Cville small business or NPO

The Internet has certainly changed things up in the world of sales & marketing and business promotion. Now, a website, or even a single webpage, can become your best salesperson. The question is, if your website does a great job of selling your product or service or promoting your organization and mission, are people coming to your website? Inbound Marketing can greatly improve upon your current number of visitors to your site, and then, convert them from visitors to customers and eventually promoters. 

What is Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a marketing methodology, a process of attracting visitors who are interested in your business, converting these visitors into leads, engaging with them to become customers, and happily turning these new customers into people who enjoy promoting your product or service.


How to attract more visitors to your website

In order to attract more visitors to your website, a business needs to be able to get some attention. And when iPC says visitors, we mean the people who are searching for your product or service. In many ways these visitors are already interested in your company, they just don't know who you are. They may discover you through Google because you rank highly for relevant and specific searches or they may see an interesting article posted by a current customer on Facebook or LinkedIn for example. In each of these cases, these customers arrive to your website.

How to convert visitors to your website

Once these visitors arrive, the question becomes how to take them through the next step in their buyer's journey, by helping them to become customers. Now that they have arrived to your website, these visitors may become leads. They may be interested in looking around and finding other helpful information you present about your product or service, or they may want to ask a question. In each case, how is your website set up to collect their contact information in order to further engage with them. 

How to create customers from leads

Now, it may be time to engage these leads in order convert them to customers. Does your business have a specific process for selling, a procedure? Is it automated? Can you rank your leads so that you are pursuing higher ranking leads first? 

In addition, how are you keeping track of your visitors to your website. Do they look at only one page before bouncing? How many minutes to spend on your site? Are certain posts/topics more popular than others? There are multitude of questions and answers which can be derived from the data in order to help in the entire process. All of these questions are critical and your agency can address them in order to better serve you.

How to turn customers into Promoters 

In the Inbound Marketing process, this step is crucial. There is no better proof of your product or service than a referral from a pleased customer. iPC has a number of different ways to engage and create effective customer-promoters, and we would enjoy sharing this information with you for free. Contact us to set up a good time to meet.

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