A Focus on Beauty and a Better Planet

An Architecture Company can do a lot more than just make pretty Buildings

Architects and their companies are some of our ideal clients. At iPC we strive to assist the companies and organizations that serve others in the world, first, because basically, that's what makes us feel good. And architecture—at least most of the time—makes the world a pretty place to live, for us all.

But we have to say, our latest architecture client, Liminal Architecture, does a bit more than just make the world a pretty place. They also make it a healthier place too. And that is because they are committed to a new concept, a new development descriptor, ENVIRONMENTALLY POSITIVE. Sure, the terms sustainable design and green building have been around for quite some time now, but the fact is, those terms really don't say enough. After all, who just wants to sustain things?

Sustainable | able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.

Liminal believes maintaining the current environmental situation is just not good enough, and, they take it one step further, by providing architectural services utilizing Passive House design principles, the most energy-efficient standards worldwide, which means their clients are making the world inside their homes and businesses a healthier place but also the world outside a better place to live in too. And we at iPC just love how far reaching the effects can go.

We encourage you to share with others what this architecture firm in Charlottesville, Liminal, is doing, and who knows, keep their info handy for when you are ready to renovate or build your dream home.

You can visit the Liminal Site <HERE> and see their educational blog <HERE>.

The Importance of June 9, 2015

The Importance of June 9, 2015

No other elections affect the general quality of life the way that the local ones do. Nor do any other elections—and we're talking about Presidential and Congressional elections—deal with the issues that affect our communities so directly. We're talking about priorities like the improvement of our public schools, the safety of our communities, the maintenance of our public works, and especially job creation through economic development right here at home.

iPC helps a 2015 Charlottesville City Council Candidate go Digital

Go Mike! Go Cville!

At the iPC, we are always promoting how we are interested in helping the Charlottesville small business and non profit, how our focus should be firstly local, and then global, and our new campaign client, SignerForCharlottesville, shares this viewpoint. Sure, Mike Signer has an excellent resume, his education and experience really can't be matched (you can see that HERE), but it is his heart for this City that grabs our attention. The truth is that he embodies the ideal of One Charlottesville better than we ever could, and so we ask you—locally, what better cause is there than unifying this special place that we all call home?

You can view his website HERE—http://www.mikesigner.com/

But we also must be wary of putting special interests above the common good of the City as a whole. As I thought about what I would most like to do on Council, I realized that it would be to build bridges — to try and create One Charlottesville.
— Mike Signer, from his views on City Counil

Mike Signer has got plans to make Charlottesville an even better place to live, but he won't be putting those to work until he has first listened to the people of Charlottesville.

"The great thing about this candidate is his Community Listening Sessions, from where he will develop his agenda. He wants to be an effective representative of this City and the concerns of the awesome people who live here," said Todd Free, Creative Director at the iPC. "But it is not just the actual sessions that make this candidate so cool, but in proposing these sessions, Mike Signer reminds us that it is possible to have our voices heard in policy making. He also reminds us, that it is these local elections which have the potential to impact us the most. We know that quality of life begins right here in Charlottesville and City Council members have the potential to affect great changes."

Now, when it comes to his website, we don't want to reveal all of our secrets, but there is something about it, that as you scroll through, and read, you strangely feel motivated to vote in a local primary (who ever does that, right?) and not only to vote, but to vote for Mike.

If you live in Charlottesville, or even if you don't, see for yourself, and let us know what you think. You can view his website HERE—http://www.mikesigner.com/ or see some of our other websites HERE—http://theinteractivepixelcompany.com/websites-and-print

Cville Reports Our Latest Success

We always found TFree to be a little bashful, well, maybe not.

At the beginning of last month, the Cville Weekly, a local newspaper in Charlottesville, VA, reported on our very own, Todd Free, and what inspired him to create his new company, The Interactive Pixel Company. If you missed the article, you can read it HERE -- http://bit.ly/1hkPFnc. And as per usual, we are greatly thankful for your interest on our company.


Happy Birthday to Our Managing Partner

Twenty-Eight Years gone by and a big year to look forward to.

We couldn't resist throwing together a little appreciation video for our fearless leader. She works too hard for the betterment of others, and especially, her husband and cats. Everyone at the Interactive Pixel Company wishes Danielle Petrosky Free a very, happy birthday!


Her Birthday video is located right HERE :: http://youtu.be/UjIppzDTH2c

Happy New Year

And who doesn't like wooden trains.

After all of this reporting on our "Caught Our Eye" Blog about cool motion graphics and animation, we thought we would take a stab at creating something in the new year. 

We revisited our favorite model trains and put them into a wintery wonderland. Since we were using computer generated images, we thought it would be neat to pay homage to stop action motion and we enjoyed how it came out. We used SideFx software, HoudiniFX and rendered our images in Mantra, and the stop motion look was created in AfterEffects as were the titles. Next year, we will send our train through the loop-the-loop. You can check out the 60-second FILM here. -- http://youtu.be/3Z1PSsim6Tg

And please let us know, if you have ANY cause you would like to see brought to life, to be seen and shared by the World, because, that is what we like to do.

MURPH: Competing for the Oscar™ in Four Categories

MURPH-Master copy.jpg

VETERANS DAY, 2013 -- Today, AnchorBay Films announced that  MURPH: The Protector will be available for purchase on Blu-ray™, DVD, and digital download on January 7, 2014 and ALSO that Murph  has qualified for this season's  Academy Award® voting categories of Best Feature Documentary, Best Original Song, Best Original Score, and Best Film Editing.

Fans of the Interactive Pixel Company may recall that our own Todd Free was Co-Producer, Director of Photography, and Film Editor for Murph. And that means, yes, Todd Free is "under consideration" for the Oscar™ for Best Film Editing of a motion picture. And that is pretty cool.

Earlier today, Free said, "It's an awesome Veteran's Day announcement. Murph was a a true hero who reminds us of the sacrifice all of our veterans have made, and all of our soldiers are making."

For those of you who are unaware about Murph The Protector, the documentary reveals the remarkable life of “Murph,” a son, brother, neighbor and warrior who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country and became a true American hero. This is his story and legacy. The film was written, directed and produced by Scott Mactavish and debuted theatrically in March 2013 during Medal of Honor week. 

We are super excited about this news, about this film release, about Mactavish Pictures, and about the OSCARS, and we hope you are too.  Stayed tuned for a NEW trailer for the film too. It's ALL coming soon.


Congratulations to Todd Free, In the Virginia Film Festival

One Festival, Two Films

We are pleased to announce that the work of our partner Todd Free will be showcased in this year's Virginia Film Festival. Free worked on two films appearing in the festival: Autopilots, which he directed, filmed, and edited; and Faux Paws, which he worked as the Director of Photography.

First, Autopilots: 

A $2 million prize will lead people to do some pretty amazing things. Meet techno-geek Paul Perrone. In 2005, he and his small team of roboticists, set out from Charlottesville, Virginia, with their robot "Tommy" to compete in the DARPA Grand Challenge, a 150 mile desert race for robotic vehicles that had NO drivers. As Tommy races against robots from well-financed corporate and university giants, tragedy strikes and Paul's resolve is put to the test. Autopilots is not only a heartwarming story demonstrating the glory from commitment and persistence but also a pertinent historical reminder that where technology and artificial intelligence are concerned, when you take your hands off the wheel, anything can happen.

"I love living in Charlottesville, and this festival is a huge part of that. The festival organizers do an incredible job of bringing in great films--classic films, current releases, and films that no one has seen yet, but will be in the theaters soon," said Free. "I am truly honored to be a part of this festival, again." 

Free's work as a director of photography was showcased at the festival, last year, when House Hunting premiered at the Paramount Theater as part of the VAFF.  This year, Faux Paws will also show at the Paramount, on Sunday at 5:00 p.m.

Next, Faux Paws:

Gay werewolves Brian and Doug escape from a lycanthrope reservation to seek freedom in Maine, the only state with a sanctioned tolerance of werewolves. Their journey takes them on a road trip, complete with an overnight full moon stop at Brian's family home. While Brian wrestles with "changing" in front of his family, his brother-in-law conspires with bounty hunters and national police forces giving chase. Will Brian and Doug make it to Maine? If they do, what should they wear? Will they ever be anything more than faux paws? Hide your meat and cheese. Werewolvin' ain't what it used to be.

The festival takes place in Charlottesville, VA, from November 7 to 10, 2013, and "is a four-day celebration of the magic of the movies featuring first-run features and timeless classics, high-profile industry insiders and up-and-coming stars, and filmmakers from throughout Virginia and beyond.  Taking place every autumn at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, the Virginia Film Festival has brought the best in contemporary and classic cinema to its audiences for nearly twenty-five years.  An array of leading cultural experts lead fascinating lectures and discussions, providing unique insight into not only the world of film, but the world in which we live. A collection of special events throughout the weekend invites the entire community to dive into the art of film in exciting new ways."

Tickets for BOTH films can be purchased HERE



Murph The Protector In LA & NYC Theaters This Weekend

TIPC is pleased to announce that this weekend September 27 through October 3, 2013, Murph The Protector will be showing at the Music Hall Theater in Beverly Hills and the Quad Cinema in Manhattan. Todd Free, partner at The Interactive Pixel Company, co-produced, photographed, and edited the film with Mactavish Pictures last year. See our earlier blog entry HERE. If you happen to be in LA or NYC, the Washington Post and the New York Times both recommended people see the film... And so do we.

 For more information on show times, please visit the Murph Site HERE

TIPC Finishes Film for Great Expectations

In April 2013, The Interactive Pixel Company completed its work on the Great Expectations image film. The Image Film is just one component of a new GreatExpectations initiative titled "Building the Bond," which was conceived by Jamie Howard of Charlottesville's Payne, Ross & Associates. Howard also directed the short film.

"The initiative was implemented through the short film with the objective to raise awareness and generate a fundraising vehicle to support its need for mentor/coach salaries and to grow the project," said Howard.

Todd Free, partner at The Interactive Pixel Company, assembled the production team which included Eric Hurt and Gabe Deloach, as well as Molly Bance (Payne Ross) and Art Director Vicki Brothers (Payne Ross).

"We took a minimalist yet stylish approach, relying heavily on personal testimonies and graphic text, which was animated by DIGICO in Harrisonburg," said Free. "These heartfelt testimonies were complemented by the statistics which turn out to be somewhat alarming."

Statistics show that 94% of foster children will not graduate college, 25% will become incarcerated, and 50% will become homeless. Heartbreaking. But that's what is so important about the work Great Expectations is accomplishing. You can view the film HERE. And find our collaborators HERE.


Murph Gets Distro Deal with Anchor Bay


July 1, 2013 -- We are thrilled to announce that the film we produced with Mactavish Pictures which premiered in March in 180 Regal theatres nationwide has closed the deal with Anchor Bay Entertainment. If you missed it, no worries, because it will be available as soon as September 2013 from a number of different outlets. If you were curious about the reviews, here are two decent ones, from the Washington Post and the New York Times. Read up on this amazing piece of work. 

And watch the trailer we produced HERE.