TIPC Finishes Film for Great Expectations

In April 2013, The Interactive Pixel Company completed its work on the Great Expectations image film. The Image Film is just one component of a new GreatExpectations initiative titled "Building the Bond," which was conceived by Jamie Howard of Charlottesville's Payne, Ross & Associates. Howard also directed the short film.

"The initiative was implemented through the short film with the objective to raise awareness and generate a fundraising vehicle to support its need for mentor/coach salaries and to grow the project," said Howard.

Todd Free, partner at The Interactive Pixel Company, assembled the production team which included Eric Hurt and Gabe Deloach, as well as Molly Bance (Payne Ross) and Art Director Vicki Brothers (Payne Ross).

"We took a minimalist yet stylish approach, relying heavily on personal testimonies and graphic text, which was animated by DIGICO in Harrisonburg," said Free. "These heartfelt testimonies were complemented by the statistics which turn out to be somewhat alarming."

Statistics show that 94% of foster children will not graduate college, 25% will become incarcerated, and 50% will become homeless. Heartbreaking. But that's what is so important about the work Great Expectations is accomplishing. You can view the film HERE. And find our collaborators HERE.