Happy New Year

And who doesn't like wooden trains.

After all of this reporting on our "Caught Our Eye" Blog about cool motion graphics and animation, we thought we would take a stab at creating something in the new year. 

We revisited our favorite model trains and put them into a wintery wonderland. Since we were using computer generated images, we thought it would be neat to pay homage to stop action motion and we enjoyed how it came out. We used SideFx software, HoudiniFX and rendered our images in Mantra, and the stop motion look was created in AfterEffects as were the titles. Next year, we will send our train through the loop-the-loop. You can check out the 60-second FILM here. -- http://youtu.be/3Z1PSsim6Tg

And please let us know, if you have ANY cause you would like to see brought to life, to be seen and shared by the World, because, that is what we like to do.