A Focus on Beauty and a Better Planet

An Architecture Company can do a lot more than just make pretty Buildings

Architects and their companies are some of our ideal clients. At iPC we strive to assist the companies and organizations that serve others in the world, first, because basically, that's what makes us feel good. And architecture—at least most of the time—makes the world a pretty place to live, for us all.

But we have to say, our latest architecture client, Liminal Architecture, does a bit more than just make the world a pretty place. They also make it a healthier place too. And that is because they are committed to a new concept, a new development descriptor, ENVIRONMENTALLY POSITIVE. Sure, the terms sustainable design and green building have been around for quite some time now, but the fact is, those terms really don't say enough. After all, who just wants to sustain things?

Sustainable | able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.

Liminal believes maintaining the current environmental situation is just not good enough, and, they take it one step further, by providing architectural services utilizing Passive House design principles, the most energy-efficient standards worldwide, which means their clients are making the world inside their homes and businesses a healthier place but also the world outside a better place to live in too. And we at iPC just love how far reaching the effects can go.

We encourage you to share with others what this architecture firm in Charlottesville, Liminal, is doing, and who knows, keep their info handy for when you are ready to renovate or build your dream home.

You can visit the Liminal Site <HERE> and see their educational blog <HERE>.