iPC helps a 2015 Charlottesville City Council Candidate go Digital

Go Mike! Go Cville!

At the iPC, we are always promoting how we are interested in helping the Charlottesville small business and non profit, how our focus should be firstly local, and then global, and our new campaign client, SignerForCharlottesville, shares this viewpoint. Sure, Mike Signer has an excellent resume, his education and experience really can't be matched (you can see that HERE), but it is his heart for this City that grabs our attention. The truth is that he embodies the ideal of One Charlottesville better than we ever could, and so we ask you—locally, what better cause is there than unifying this special place that we all call home?

You can view his website HERE—http://www.mikesigner.com/

But we also must be wary of putting special interests above the common good of the City as a whole. As I thought about what I would most like to do on Council, I realized that it would be to build bridges — to try and create One Charlottesville.
— Mike Signer, from his views on City Counil

Mike Signer has got plans to make Charlottesville an even better place to live, but he won't be putting those to work until he has first listened to the people of Charlottesville.

"The great thing about this candidate is his Community Listening Sessions, from where he will develop his agenda. He wants to be an effective representative of this City and the concerns of the awesome people who live here," said Todd Free, Creative Director at the iPC. "But it is not just the actual sessions that make this candidate so cool, but in proposing these sessions, Mike Signer reminds us that it is possible to have our voices heard in policy making. He also reminds us, that it is these local elections which have the potential to impact us the most. We know that quality of life begins right here in Charlottesville and City Council members have the potential to affect great changes."

Now, when it comes to his website, we don't want to reveal all of our secrets, but there is something about it, that as you scroll through, and read, you strangely feel motivated to vote in a local primary (who ever does that, right?) and not only to vote, but to vote for Mike.

If you live in Charlottesville, or even if you don't, see for yourself, and let us know what you think. You can view his website HERE—http://www.mikesigner.com/ or see some of our other websites HERE—http://theinteractivepixelcompany.com/websites-and-print