A Magnum Opus: Howard Films "Running the Coast"

iPC to Post Feature Length Documentary FILM about Striped Bass Fanatics


Sam Spiegel, the producer of the film Lawrence of Arabia, has got nothing on Jamie Howard and not just because Spiegel is dead. It has been said that filming on Lawrence of Arabia took so long that three principal cast members managed to make other films between scenes shot early and late in the schedule. Alec Guinness and Anthony Quayle starred in the British naval drama Damn the Defiant!, while Anthony Quinn went back to New York for the film version of Requiem for a Heavyweight. Well, Howard Films has spent three full years producing the footage needed to complete this massive 8000 clip project.

"Sometimes we were shooting with five cameras," says Todd Free, a producer and cinematographer for the project, "One camera flying above on a drone, one underwater, one from shore, and two on the boat. I'm pretty sure we got the coverage we needed." Now, it will be the job of Free and others at iPC to assemble this project.

Free has worked alongside of Jamie Howard and Howard films on several other films, including Chasing Silver: A Tarpon Journey, Chasing Silver: Location X, Chasing Silver: Andy's Return, and Bass The Movie. None of the previous projects had 8000 clips.


The Striped Bass, or "Stripers" as they are called on New England, are a fish worthy of a documentary film, for at least two reasons; number one, currently, they are being overfished and are threatened as a unique species, and number two, they are one of the most popular ocean fish to attempt to catch with many anglers claiming that catching a 50+ pound Striper from shore is like hitting a ninth-inning, come-from-behind grand slam in the final game of the world series. Howard Films and iPC hope to convey the excitement and obsession of landing these large fish in this feature film.

The film will also cover important scientific details about this fishes migration along the atlantic coast, including its Spawning ground in the Chesapeake Bay, where anglers refer to the Striped Bass as "Rockfish", along the mid-Atlantic, through the island systems around Cape Cod and all the way up to Maine.

Concerning the project, Free said, "From a cinematographer's standpoint, we were on our own adventure to "catch" shots of this fish in a beautiful, new and interesting way, and we think people are going to notice that in the film and also appreciate it too." So much for humility.

Visit Running the Coast website–http://runningthecoastmovie.com–to sign up for updates, and find out more about the film work of Howard Films here–http://www.howardfilms.com.

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