The Importance of June 9, 2015

Your right to make Cville a better place

Before you watch this video or read any further into this article, please mark your calendar, make a mental note, whatever works for you, to remind yourself that this coming Tuesday, June 9th, you can exercise your right to vote in an important election for our community. And guess what, by voting, you can make a big difference in the lives of everyone who lives here in Charlottesville, Virginia. Excellent. Now, please, watch and read on!


TV Commercial for Charlottesville City Council Candidate Mike Signer


Last night we were stoked to be at a special gathering at the home of our Creative Director, Todd Free. Todd and his wife hosted a neighborhood political event to meet Charlottesville City Council Candidate Mike Signer. While we have to admit at the beginning of this article that we at the iPC have considerable bias for the Signer Campaign; he is after all a client of ours, we care deeply about our special city and believe based on Mike's professional experience, education, and his own love for Charlottesville, he is the best choice for our City Council. Furthermore, he reminded us of the importance of voting and in particular of voting in primaries and elections for local offices. Voting really is more than just a right. It is an opportunity to participate in the evolution and improvement of this special place we call home.

No other elections affect the general quality of life the way that the local ones do. Nor do any other elections—and we're talking about Presidential and Congressional elections—deal with the issues that affect our communities so directly. We're talking about priorities like the improvement of our public schools, the safety of our communities, the maintenance of our public works, and especially job creation through economic development right here at home. Last night, Mike patiently and intelligently addressed our concerns about the future of this city, and we have no doubt he is not just a great listener but actually Charlottesville's best choice for City Council.

But hey, it's the 21st century, we all have the internet, so you don't need to take our word for it, that he is the best choice for bringing professionalism to City Council and a practical vision for uniting our Cville community, you can find out for yourself, by checking out his website, HERE—

and you can find out about the four candidates whom he is running against HERE—

Tuesday, June 9th, people. We will see you at the polls.