Information on End-of-the-Year Appeal Videos

Video can be a powerful and effective tool and iPC will help you make it happen.

Research Says

As we approach the year's end, the iPC would like to recommend that any organization planning an end-of-the-year appeal letter to donors consider using video, to go alongside of the written letter. Several years ago, when iPC created its mission to help the businesses and organizations that improve the lives of others, through some interesting research phases, we discovered  evidence that using video for an end-of-the-year, fundraising appeal had been successful for many NPOs (Stanford Social Innovation Review). Of course, we weren't surprised.

Video is most effective

There has been in evolution in the way we communicate our messages. From handwritten letters, we typed. Typing lead to computer word processing which lead to designed printed documents with photos, and incorporated photography was great because a picture speaks a thousand words, right. Well, at 24 pictures per second, how many volumes does video communicate then, and what happens when you add in stories and emotions, told over music. There is no question that it can powerful.

But is Video too expensive

We all agree that video can be really really good, but acknowledge, it has been an expensive undertaking for years. Now, however, an evolution in technology allows high quality videos to be produced at a much lower cost. 

Or How about trying to make your own Video

DIY videos can be pretty effective too. Here are some factors to consider if you are going to try to make your own;

  • make sure to include the specific funding goal amount which you are trying to reach, and iPC recommends that you double whatever your existing goal currently is
  • make sure to include include the positive impact created by previous contributions to your organization and express gratitude (donors like to know impact in terms of numbers of people impacted)
  • Make sure to include where and what programs the end of the year appeal funding will be distributed to

Of course, putting some emotion into your video will help as well, in testimony or in voice over. A story about someone who was impacted in a postive way by your organization or its mission is never a bad idea.

Let's talk about making your video on a budget

Here is an example of how we made one of these types of videos, not to long ago, with a friendly budget as well.

CHT End of the Year Video Correspondence


The Good News

The good news is that if you are interested in trying video out for your end of the year appeal, iPC is here to assist you, by consulting with you, scripting your film, and producing one from scratch. Click on the button below and let us know how we can help.