A Job is Not A Special Need


Every campaign begins with an understanding of what the client desires to achieve through the use of multimedia. In this case, Chesapeake Service Systems (CSS) wanted to take leaps forward in the direction of systemic change: specifically, an increased public awareness of their mission--to positively transform the lives of mentally disabled adults through jobs programs.

Through a partnership with Cox Communications, CSS provides meaningful work opportunities to adults with disabilities, which turns out, impacts their mental and physical health in so many profound ways. But we shouldn't be that surprised by that, should we? Having a purpose in life changes everything, for anyone. That is how we devised the tag line, "A job is not a special need."

In addition to promoting their cause for systemic change, CSS wanted to credit Cox Commincations for its support of CSS and to attract other businesses who might want to help the CSS cause. 

The challenge was to embody this sentiment into an interesting audio visual presentation. The real power of what CSS and Cox has done was found in testimonials but to produce a 60-second spot with testimonials was not possible. So the Interactive Pixel Company designed a 60-second spot (CLICK HERE) which would point viewers to a unique website where they could view a lengthier five-minute presentation (CLICK HERE), a short documentary explaining how work opportunities can, and will, improve the lives of adults with disabilities. Because the CSS website URL was clumsy and difficult to remember, we got them a new one--CONNECTandGIVE.com.