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Digital Media Work Samples & Links to Press and Web Work

Todd Free, in Brief

Since 2012, Todd Free has helped a growing number of businesses and nonprofits use digital media to reach and attract new customers (and donors) and create desirable outcomes on their behalves. He has achieved these results through intensive studies in advertising, marketing, and public relations strategy, work experience in these fields, his usage of the English language (copywriting), expert knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and especially, multimedia creation and UX design.

Having good ideas doesn't equate talent The ideas are only the start. Being able to execute the idea within a particular budget? Now that requires talent. Todd has been able to use his creative mind, disruptive thinking, and technical skills to bring a wealth of ideas to life and typically under budget—which is likely his most attractive skillset.

And when he is not behind the camera or in front of a screen, as an extreme sports enthusiast, he enjoys being outside: on his backyard halfpipe, in the tube in Costa Rica, or atop a mountain in France.

He resides in the Belmont neighborhood of Charlottesville, Virginia, with his wife Danielle and his two-year-old daughter, Caroline.

Below are some recent, as well as some not-so-recent, examples of his work, and here is a link to his list of credits on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB)

Todd Free's 2012 Reel


An Article about Todd Free in the Cville Weekly


Charlottesville cinematographer Todd Free’s near miss with the Oscars

A nice write up with an, ummm, pretty good ending. This article describes Free's work as a filmmaker, producer, cinematographer, and editor. Following the article, there is also a link to a trailer, created by Free, for the film in question.


Still Photographs

Click on a photograph to open it in a lightbox.


Some Additional Video Samples

Included are an image film for Maui Jim, a short film for for Montpelier which relies heavily on Todd's use of AfterEffects, and an informational film for Cox Communications and CSS, who provide work opportunities to adults with disabilities.


A River North


An Image Film for Maui Jim, starring Maui Jim Brand Ambassador, Andy Mill

What better place to film a piece to promote Maui Jim's new low-light polarized sunglasses than British Columbia, a place where in the fall the sun barely shines for more than 30-seconds per day. As this five minute presentation shows, these glasses help US Olympic downhiller and angler Andy Mill to capture his latest trophy, The Skeena Steelhead. It was directed by Jamie Howard and the music is titled "Undress U Down" by Justin Hopkins.


Montpelier: A Day in the Life

Todd Free created a short spot for digital advertising.

This spot was created within a 3D environment in AfterEffects using a combination of still photographs and live action motion pictures.


People Places

Todd Free produced and served as Director of Photography and Editor for this webpage video.

To take advantage of of increased web traffic resulting from a companion 30-second spot, Todd created this informational film to highlight a few of the non-financial the benefits and joys of foster parenting.



Todd Free produced, lighted, and shot two 30-second broadcast spots for Piedmont Valley Community College.

These spots aimed to highlight the guaranteed admission program with UVA as well as their EMT preparatory program.  Mandatory in these advertisements was that the producers use real students/graduates as opposed to actors.



CSS and Cox Communications

Todd Free created—wrote, directed, shot, and edited—a short spot to touch the heart of the matter: why to support the work of CSS and the telecommunications company which makes it all possible.

Through a partnership with Cox Communications, CSS provides meaningful work opportunities to adults with disabilities, which turns out, impacts their mental and physical health in so many profound ways. But we shouldn't be that surprised by that, should we? Having a purpose in life changes everything, for anyone. That is how we devised the tag line, "A job is not a special need."



Each page is created with a particular goal in mind, which fits within a broader engagement strategy.


Liz Knutsen Photography

Promoting the artist through the internet

It's a daunting task to increase a client's ranking on Google in a totally saturated market, In Charlottesville, VA, it seems that 5 out of 10 stay-at-home moms in Charlottesville, VA have a Family photography business and have been online for at least the last five years. Yikes. That's a lot of competition. Thankfully, for Liz Knutsen, Todd was up for the challenge. She's not number one quite yet, but he will get her there soon.

Todd is responsible for the copywriting, SEO, layout, and actually, some additional photography as well.

You can view her website here.




Identity creation for EMC7, a Marketing Company headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut

EMC7 is a marketing agency which was created June 2017. Having recently used Todd Free as their creative director for their first client's digital products, they hired iPC to develop their new identity for their new company. Because the partners at EMC7 were veteran social media marketers who had been working with a competing company, they were barred from using their best marketing assets—their previous work—to promote their new company. Without a great wealth of images to use in their portfolio, they were willing to try something a little more daring and colorful. They simply requested that their website and logo reflect their adventurous spirit and their ethical principles.  

The copywriting is also entirely Todd's work. You can view their website here.