Websites are the foundation for your organization's cause.

They are a tool to be used by your customers and your employees to assist in your organization's mission. They are also, most importantly, what potential donors, customers, volunteers, and future employees see FIRST when they find you during a google search. The Interactive Pixel Company works hard to make sure that these people see your strong foundation.

JILL MEYER PHOTOGRAPHY: Every site we build is challenging, but honestly, some are easier than others. Visually speaking, sites are only as pretty as the images which they contain. In the case of Jill Meyer Photography, out of New York, we had some pretty nice photos to work with. So we took advantage of this asset by creating a full screen slideshow at the top of the page. Underneath this slideshow, as one scrolls down, there is plenty of content for Google to inventory, and after just a couple of months, Jill Meyer's site is ranking in the top five for "Extreme Sports Photography in New York," and we are loving it!.

ELITE AIR: The website was completely rewritten and rebuilt. It is an excellent example of how segmentation can be used to allow a potential customer to find more quickly the information they are seeking and to turn that persons interest into a valuable participation.

BG DESIGN & CONSULTING: Architects tend to be visual and that is good when you are designing a website and they are well-schooled on the less-is-more philosophy. However, Google understands words, so if you want google to find you, you had better start writing. And that is precisely what we did for this Charlottesville architect, who specializes in Passive House design. If you doubt the power of a website packed with content, the go ahead and google "passive house design in Charlottesville," and see who pops up in the #1 position.

PROMINENT REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY: Sometimes, things ARE like clockwork. Prominent is a niche photography business--simply, they take photos of real estate, of commercial building and homes, for real estate agents and homeowners. We designed their site with google in mind, got it to the top of the search results, people found them, hired them to take photos, loved the photos, and received a private, easy-to-set-up link to make payments, all from the prominent website, which was right on time.

The Websites we create at the Interactive Pixel Company are vivid and packed with content, which means, they look pretty and get discovered, too. Thanks, Google!